Every year, millions of people make their dream of moving to the USA a reality. If you are thinking about relocating to the States, too, you will be grateful for an immigration crash course.


Pensions, taxes, health insurance - once you have mastered these complex issues, you can relax and enjoy your new life in the USA.


Before you move into your new home, there's a lot to do. You will have to deal with moving companies, shipping containers, import regulations, and real estate- or rental prices.


Working and business life in the United States of America differs from that in other countries. Particularly outstanding are the career opportunities and entrepreneurial freedoms in the USA.

Finance & Insurances

To build a new life in the USA, you'll need some start-up capital as well as a bank account, insurance, and some knowledge of tax liability and tax filing.

Road & Traffic

As a driver in the USA, you benefit from several advantages of American life: there is a lot of space, little bureaucracy, and the people are relaxed.


The USA is known as the world's career springboard. Anyone who gets hold of a scholarship for a year of high school or studies in the States is one of the luckiest young talents in the world.

First, you need to figure out where to live in the United States. Each US state has its charm and offers different perspectives. Similar to some other countries, America has a federal system, meaning that laws and even taxes vary from state to state.

Maybe you are still starting your education and would like to go to school or study in the USA. In this case, you will first apply for a visa that allows you to take your first steps on your way to the Green Card (i.e., the permanent residence and work permit for the USA). Of course, it is even better to have a Green Card already when you start your studies because it saves you a lot of money on tuition fees.

Yeah, money is an issue here in the States. It would help if you had at least some savings when you make a move because certain expenses like rent, phone costs, car costs, and taxes don't wait for you to find a well-paying job. You are only entitled to social benefits after three years (in the case of marriage to a US citizen) or five years (as a Green Card holder).

If you want to work in the USA, you have picked one of the best countries! It's true what people say: if you work hard, you can achieve anything here. Professional life in the States is number-driven. That means it's not about relationships, social status, or the nicest tie, but rather about your skills, your will, and your open, positive "mindset"! By the way, don't worry about the language - you're just one of the millions of people here with an accent. Once you've been in the US for a few weeks, you'll hardly notice that you're speaking a foreign language all day.

Also, don't worry too much about health care and insurance - it sounds worse than it is. Find out about the current offerings from health insurance companies and look at captive offerings for healthcare and US retirement plans when looking for a US employer. Many Americans have now started to choose their employer based on who offers the best health insurance. Look at the average salaries and rents in your city of choice and keep these in mind when negotiating salaries.

After living in the USA with a Green Card for a few years, naturalization (which you can apply for after three or five years) is the next logical step. Only as a US citizen can you have a say in how the US is governed in the future. It's also a commitment to the United States and its values: diversity, freedom, and opportunity.

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