Do you want to speak like a real American or, at least, not make a fool of yourself at work in the USA? Then you can either watch Netflix all day in its original sound or take advantage of one of the great learning opportunities on the market. There is even an officially recognized language certificate for job applications.

American idioms

"Pardon my French," but do you know what a "Mexican Standoff" is? During your stay in the USA, you will understand your conversation partners better if you know a few common phrases and words of the American language.

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Language test for naturalization in the USA

After receiving your Green Card, US citizenship is the last big achievement for you. To obtain the desired nationality, you must pass a language test consisting of an oral and a written part.

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Business English for the job

In everyday life in the US, you can manage well with solid school English. However, the situation is different if you work in professions that require specialized vocabulary. Also, the daily expressions of politeness sound very different in the professional world.

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Get proof of English proficiency

When you apply for a job or study in the USA, you may be asked to prove your language skills. There is a well-known test tool that most universities and companies recognize. The so-called TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) takes a whole four hours!

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English for starting out in the USA

Do you know the most important terms and phrases when it comes to buying a house, opening a bank account, finance, or insurance in the USA? Before you start your new life in the States, make sure you know them. With a bit of technical vocabulary, your start in America will be a breeze!

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How to speak like an American

When you first set foot in the US, you'll be confronted with the real American language, which can sound very different from the school English you're used to. Words are shortened, omitted, emphasized differently, and sometimes they don't exist at all in everyday American speech. Very practical and exciting are the very common word fusions.

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