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The land of opportunity! Discover the most beautiful destinations, national parks, top cities, and more!

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Travel to the USA

The USA offers unlimited possibilities for your journey, from a city trip through the big metropolises like New York or San Francisco to a walk through the breathtaking nature in one of the numerous national parks!

  • Exciting city trip
  • Relaxed beach vacation
  • Pure nature in the national parks

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Living in the USA

Exciting jobs in Silicon Valley, studying at one of the renowned US universities, or enjoying the Florida sun in retirement - there are many reasons to emigrate to the USA! It is the dream of freedom and unlimited opportunities!

  • Top jobs with good career opportunities
  • Multicultural society
  • Excellent education system

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US states

From Alaska to Wyoming - Check out all the states of the USA!

  • New York

    The northeast lying state of New York is home to the most populated American city that never sleeps. The state plays an important role in higher education and has many renowned US universities.

  • Hawaii

    Aloha from the Paradise of the Pacific: Hawaii, an island chain located in the Pacific Ocean was discovered by the British explorer James Cook in 1778 and was declared as the 50th US-state in 1959.

  • Florida

    The nickname says it: The Sunshine State! No other state in the USA can boast as many annual sun hours as Florida. The great weather attracts millions of visitors every year.

  • California

    California lies on America’s west coast and is by far the most populated US-state. Its pompous nickname Golden State originates from the Gold Rush in the middle of the 19th century.

  • Alaska

    Four times as big as Germany, Alaska borders Canada to the east and Siberia to the west. With a snowy border 2500 km long, it is no wonder the indigenous people call it Alyeska, The Big Land.

Your journey through all 50 US states

How well do you know the 50 states of the USA? Each one will surprise you with breathtaking nature, exciting cities, and spectacular sights! We'll take you on a journey through the hot Southern states like Florida and Texas, through the Wild West via Colorado to California, then to the tropical islands of Hawaii, across the Pacific to arctic Alaska, and from the Midwest to the East Coast. Here, in the noble Northeast of the USA, it all began.

Learn all about the climate, nature, and the people of the United States, discover the exciting wildlife in the national parks, learn about the best sightseeing highlights, and discover the diverse cities of the USA.

Essential tips on living and working in the USA and fun facts about all the US states are, of course, not to be missed.

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US National Parks USA Wiki USA Sights
US National Parks USA Wiki USA Sights
Wild and free Unique adventures in the untouched nature

Discover geysers in Yellowstone Park, climb Mount Rainier, or get up close and personal with exciting wildlife in Zion National Park.

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USA fact collection Useful tips for your USA vacation or immigration

What is it like to work and live in the USA? In our USA Wiki, you will find everything you need to learn, travel, and immigrate.

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Must-see places in the USA Put these must-see sights on your travel list!

We'll guide you through the most beautiful cities of the USA! With our sightseeing guides, you'll skip the lines and get the best deals.

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Why does everyone want to go to the USA?

The USA has held the #1 spot as the world's most popular travel and immigration destination for centuries. Visitors and US immigrants alike are driven by the search for the freedom and unlimited opportunities, for which America is so famous.

Since the beginning of time, the United States has welcomed newcomers from all over the world with open arms, resulting in a magnificent diversity of cultures, ideas, lifestyles, and shared growth. No other country on earth has been shaped by its immigrants as much as the US.

Why do you love the USA? Is it the astonishing countryside? The elite universities and career opportunities? The endless freedom? American football? For us, one thing is certain: the United States of America is the most beautiful country in the world!

Top Cities in the USA

From Atlanta to Washington D.C. - learn about all US cities

The most beautiful cities in the USA

Whether it's a sleepy coastal village, a Wild West cowboy town, a spiritual desert community, or a glittering metropolis with millions of inhabitants, there's sure to be something for you on a city trip in the USA!

It almost doesn't matter which state you're in because the cultural mix and the typical diversity of ideas of the United States continue right down to the smallest city in the USA.

You can look forward to breathtaking skyscrapers in New York City, an overabundance of art, culture, music, and great food in San Francisco, sensational views in Los Angeles, live history lessons in Washington D.C., and the magic and glitter of the entertainment metropolis Las Vegas.

Have you found your favorite city yet?

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The weirdest places in the USA
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The election campaign in the United States is growing ever more tense! These are the dates and candidates for the US Elections 2024 that you should keep an eye on.

Top 10 destinations for white Christmas in the USA

Are you dreaming of a white Christmas in the USA? We present the 10 best destinations for vacations in the winter wonderland!

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