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The United States of America stands for adventure and diversity more than any other country in the world. With its abundance of breathtaking landscapes, national parks, and the most spectacular sights of all time, the USA has become the most desired place for tourists and immigrants.

Each of the 50 US states is exciting and unique in its special way. That said, the USA can be divided into "Northeast," "South" "Midwest," and "West" Many US cities fall entirely out of their state cliché and thus contrast their surrounding countryside as downright city oases.

East Coast States

In the states of the East Coast, a distinctly British influence can be felt, which is particularly visible in Boston in New England's Massachusetts. With its wild Atlantic coast, rich-in-history Pennsylvania, Niagara Falls in New York State, and, of course, the mega-metropolis of New York City, the Northeast attracts nature fans as well as city and history lovers.

Western States

You probably know the West Coast of the USA mainly from movies and television because a lot revolves around Los Angeles and Hollywood in the state of California. However, one of the most enchanting places in the West is San Francisco because the city is breathtakingly beautiful and exciting! The only place in the West that has more action is the party city of Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. If you want to take it a little easier on the West Coast, take a road trip through Oregon and Washington, and check out Portland, Seattle, and the countless natural wonders in the Northwest.

The Southern States

The southern states of the USA are known for tropical temperatures, palm trees, alligators, and cowboy hats. Nevertheless, the diversity here could not be greater: hot and humid Florida, with its party metropolis Miami, is the opposite of dry, rugged Arizona, with its cacti, canyons, and spiritual sites. Only the golf and party capital Phoenix stands out a bit. The climatic middle is Georgia, and we don't really need to say much about the cowboy state of Texas, except Dallas, Houston, and BBQ!

The Midwest & Northern States

In the Midwest and North of the USA, some secret tips are waiting for you. The former car city of Detroit in the "Great Lakes State" Michigan has become a gigantic art project, Chicago in Illinois is slowly outstripping New York City in terms of popularity, and Minnesota is a beautiful state with wild nature and 10,000 lakes!

The US states of Alaska and Hawaii

Compared to the densely packed offer of US state road trips and city breaks, the remote states of Alaska in the Arctic Ocean northwest of Canada and the island paradise of Hawaii in the Pacific seem like outsiders. Yet, these two exotic gems are truly worth the long journey. Scenic travel to Alaska and Hawaii is guaranteed to delight you.

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