Finance & Insurances

To build a new life in the USA, you'll need not only some start-up capital but also a bank account, insurance, and some knowledge of tax liability and tax filing.

Health insurance in the USA

The USA is the only industrialized nation without a universal state healthcare system. Therefore, you have to find your way through the patchwork of private and governmental offers. There is Medicare, Medicaid, Tricare, the Marketplace, and also special health insurance for immigrants.

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Bank account in the USA

If you will be in the USA regularly or for an extended period, you should open an American bank account, as this will save you credit card fees and expensive transfer costs. You can pick from four large national banks, ten large regional banks, and over 5,000 local banks when choosing a bank.

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The US tax system

If you are planning a longer stay in the USA, you should be familiar with the most important American taxes. In the USA, you pay taxes on your "world income." So if you have income in the United States as well as in your home country or other countries, you have to declare it on your US tax return.

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