Road & Traffic

Suppose you want to drive a car in the USA or even get an American driver's license. In that case, you will benefit from several advantages of typical American life: there is a lot of space, little bureaucracy, and the people are relaxed.

Driving in the USA

Before you start making your rounds on America's highways, you should know the most important traffic rules and speed limits, as well as the proper behavior when dealing with the police. In addition, the US state in which you drive may have special surprises in store: for example, each state has different driver's license rules.

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The American driver's license

Driving is as much a part of the American way of life as being free. That's why you'll want to get an American driver's license after you move to the United States. Unfortunately, simply continuing to drive with your old license from another country is not an option. In some states, you may even have to surrender your foreign driver's license.

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