American sweets and candy

What does America taste like? The best way to find out is to try out the most popular treats from the USA! We're sure you haven't tried many of our top American chocolate, fruit gum, and snack favorites!

Chocolate from the USA

Did you know that chocolate from the USA tastes completely different from European products? Experts have been arguing about the origin of the very special chocolate flavor for many years. Want to try it sometime? Here are our favorite chocolate brands from the USA:


Whether in peanut butter cups, bars, or mini chocolates - the typical chocolate-peanut butter combination in Reese's candy is hard to resist.


HERSHEY'S creamy milk chocolate has been a fabled classic in the USA for decades! However, the tangy flavor of HERSHEY'S recipe is a perfectly guarded secret. Whether it's "Cookies'n'Creme," "Strawberry," "Mint," "Cookie Bites," or "Sprinkles'n'Creme," - we just love this burst of flavors!


Everything that makes a peanut fan's heart beat faster is available in the Treets assortment. There's peanut butter or whole peanuts in crisp milk chocolate, large and small chocolate cups, caramel bites, or even the tiny Treets Buttins to nibble on during snack time.

Curly Wurly

The trendy chocolate called Curly Wurly actually comes from Great Britain, but it's a real success in the USA! The delicious stick is a long, flat caramel bar covered in milk chocolate. Curly Wurly is delicious, incredibly crunchy, and almost more importantly, it's a true style icon!

Candies, fruit gums, and chewy sweets from the USA

The spectacular range of American chewy candies, fruit gums, and chewing gums is colorful, screechingly sweet (or terrifyingly sour), and full of surprises! Here are our squeaky-crazy favorites:

Jelly Beans

The bean-shaped "Jelly Beans" flavor bombs are famous for their deceptively realistic taste combos and gained world fame, not least thanks to Harry Potter. Enjoy flavors like "Butter Popcorn," "Pina Colada," "Mint Chocolate," "Island Punch," "Birthday Cake," or "Cherry Cola"! If you combine them cleverly, you can even create authentic new specialties.

Center Shock

Center Shock's filled chewing gums are not for the faint of heart! Different flavors like blood orange, watermelon, or sour apple will attack you EXTRA SOUR and put your whole body in excitement!


The pebble-shaped and crunchy Nerds come in all rainbow colors and range from lovely sweet to extremely sour! They come in flavors such as “Sour-Lightning Lemon,“ “Amped Apple,“ “Wildberry and Peach,“ and “Mango Chile and Guava.“ The packaging design of the Nerds is also unique: each box has two flavors and spouts on both sides so that the flavors don't mix.


The unicorn among American candies is just bursting with flavor! The crunchy little chewy Skittles candy tastes like tropical fruit, wild berries, licorice, or desserts like ice cream, cupcakes, or milkshakes!

Candy Corn

If you've ever celebrated Halloween, you must know Candy Corn! The little sugar pyramids are tri-colored and taste like honey, butter, and vanilla. Even if their taste is rather unspectacular in contrast to Skittles & Co., the sweet corn-shaped chewy candies are a true highlight every year in fall!

Sour Patch

The legendary Sour Patch fruit gums are sprinkled with sour sugar, which results in a funny sweet and sour flavor explosion when chewed. Each piece contains two fruity-sweet flavors such as "Watermelon," "Strawberry," "Tropical," "Berries," "Peach," "Blue Raspberry," or "Cola."

Jolly Rancher

The colorful Jolly Rancher treats are available as hard candy (e.g., as a lollipop on a stick) and soft, chewy treats. Modern flavors such as "Blue Raspberry," "Cinnamon," and "Smoothie" are complemented by experimental combinations such as "Watermelon & Cayenne Pepper" or "Cherry & Habanero." A true adventure for all candy fans!

Laffy Taffy

Delicious, soft, and fun - That’s what Laffy Taffy chewy candies are all about. In addition to the almost addictive velvety chewing experience in flavors like Banana, Strawberry, Melon, Grape, and Green Apple, Laffy Taffy wrappers also feature cool jokes! Want to hear some?

"Why don't lobsters share? - Because they are shellfish."
"What kind of tea is sometimes hard to swallow? - Reality."
"What's an owl's favorite subject? - Owlgebra."

Uh-huh. Alright, so Laffy Taffy is better at making chewy candies than writing jokes.


The unmistakable Twizzlers sticks are often referred to as "red licorice" but contain no licorice at all. The gummy treats, with or without filling, come in flavors like Citrus Punch, Green Apple, Cherry Kick, Strawberry, and Raspberry and are available in typical Twizzlers shapes, including Twists, Nibs, Bites, Pull'n'Peel, Twerpz, and Strawz.

Pop Rocks

Crackle alert! Pop Rocks' crunchy caramel chunks give off a little explosion when you put them on your tongue. You can get the sizzling pop bombs in the flavors "Cotton Candy," "Strawberry," "Cherry," "Watermelon," and "Cola."

Munchies, chips, and other snacks from the USA

There's no movie night in the USA without a bag of potato chips or a huge bowl of popcorn! We show you our favorite American nibbles.


The legendary potato chips from Lay's promise you happiness in a bag! The crispy golden slices come in a variety of flavors, some of which are in unusual shapes, such as the "Layers" bowls or the sieve-shaped "Poppables." In addition to the well-known chip classics, you can now enjoy crazy flavors like "Adobadas," "Sweet Southern Heat," "Limón," "Dill Pickle," or "Chesapeake Bay Crab"!


These cheesy Doritos triangles pioneered the global tortilla chip trend! Now, diverse flavors spark a crunchy adventure with every bite! Try your way through exciting varieties such as "Flamin' Hot Limón," "Flamas," "Salsa Verde," "White Cheddar," or "Tapatio"!


Cheesy, crunchy, Cheetos - that could be the slogan of this company. The legendary snack sticks made with real cheese are a must in every US pantry. Cheetos are available in various types, such as airy "puffs," cheesy popcorn, or even microwaveable Mac'n Cheese!

Crunch’n Munch

Salty and sweet at the same time, these fluffy popcorn treats with roasted peanuts have become an absolute snack hit in the USA. "Crunch'n Munch" will surprise you with new varieties such as "Cookies & Cream," "Brownie Crunch," or "Birthday Cake," in addition to the whole-grain popcorn classics with a buttery toffee flavor or caramel taste.

American cookies and pastries

You already know layered sugar cakes and colorfully decorated cupcakes from the USA. But have you ever tried these treats?


If you just sink your teeth into an Oreo, you're missing something. The little crunchy cream-filled cookie sandwiches require a bit of artful nibbling to get the most out of them! By now, you can get Oreos in crazy flavors like "Mint," "Java Chip," "Birthday Cake," "Carrot Cake," "Lemon," "Caramel Coconut," "Chocolate Marshmallow," or "Peanut Butter!"


The little soft "Twinkies" are as much a part of American culture as Baseball or Coca-Cola! The golden sponge cake with the creamy filling nowadays features more than just delicious vanilla cream. Various new varieties taste like berries, bananas, pumpkins, or cotton candy!

Moon Pie

Moon Pie (or MoonPie) is a traditional American pastry made of round graham cookies with marshmallow filling and a firm chocolate icing. In addition to the classic 10 cm moon pie, nowadays, there are also mini moon pies as well as additional flavors such as banana, strawberry, orange, coconut, or salted caramel. Yum!

Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts are sweet toaster sandwich pockets and have been eaten for breakfast in the US since the 60s! The decorated pastries hide delicious flavors such as "Pretzel," "Blueberry," "Boston Creme," "Brown Sugar Cinnamon," "Lemon Crème Pie," or "Frosted Confetti Cake"!

More American food and cooking recipes

After all that sweet stuff, do you want to eat something hearty? Then you'll love traditional American cuisine!

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