US Currency

The history of the US dollar is as exciting as the development of America. We explain everything about the characteristics, uses, and rates of the American currency.


Learn about the most important milestones and events in the United States, how they relate to each other, and who you should have heard of in American history at least once.


When the world's most powerful country holds elections, the whole world is watching. Unlike many other countries, the USA has only two dominant parties between which every US presidential election is decided.

Marry in the USA

Are you planning a wedding with a US-American, or do you want to get married in the USA? Then you should be well informed about traditions, procedures, and the necessary paperwork.


During your stay in the USA, you will feel more comfortable if you are skilled in everyday conversation and know a few American phrases.

Food & Drinks

Life in the USA is truly delicious! But what and how do Americans eat? There are some exciting differences to other countries when it comes to food culture.

US Sports

American Football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey - Americans love their sports! We explain the rules, moves & dates of the “Big 4” of US sports.

The time zones of the USA

Bei Reiseplanungen oder für einen Anruf in den Vereinigten Staaten solltest du über die elf Zeitzonen sowie die Standard- und Daylight Savings Time in den USA informiert sein.