Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest US-state measuring just 4.002 km2. The starting point of Rhode Island is the capital Providence close to the Narragansett Bay, which was founded by Roger Williams in 1636. The name Rhode Island derived from the red soil of the land. The Dutch explorer Adriaen Block entitled the state "Rhody Eylandt", which developed to today's state name over the years. Rhode Island is also called "The Ocean State" and "Little Rhody".

In 1511 the Portuguese explorer Miguel de Cortereal sailed along the coast of Rhode islands, but without disembarking.
The colony was founded in 1636 by the anthropologist, political philosopher, politician and theologian Roger William - a Baptist, who was banished from the Massachusetts Bay Colony by the Puritans.
On May, the 29th 1790 Rhode Island the joined the 13 colonies of the U.S.A.

Rhode Island abounds in cultural and historical heritage, offers an arresting countryside with lots of hiking paths and a delicious cuisine.

The city Newport is one of the oldest White settlements of the USA. There are several rumours about the old tower of the stronghold - one is saying the tower was built by the Templars who fled from Europe in the 12th century. Therefore, since 1959, the Newport Folk Festival is celebrated in Rhode Island. The mentioned festival was set up by George Wein (initiator of the Jazz festival in 1954) and Albert Grossmann (manager of Bob Dylan). During many years famous musicians, like Joan Baez, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie and James Taylor performed on the stage of the Newport Folk Festival.