Brooklyn Bridge

The Brooklyn Bridge connects the vibrant boroughs of Brooklyn and Manhattan in New York City and spans the mighty East River. Enjoy with us the breathtaking views, the best photo spots, and the architectural wonder of the Brooklyn Bridge!

Brooklyn Bridge facts

Here are the most important facts about the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City:

City: New York City
State: New York
Construction: 1883
Length: 1,825.7 m
Height: 84 m
Visitors: about 4.5 million per year

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Brooklyn Bridge in New York City

History of the Brooklyn Bridge

In the late 19th century, New York was brimming with energy and innovation. The need to connect the vibrant neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Manhattan led to the birth of an engineering marvel - the Brooklyn Bridge. Completed in 1883, this magnificent structure was a groundbreaking feat of engineering and the first suspension bridge to span the mighty East River.

The story of the Brooklyn Bridge is one of determination and perseverance. The ambitious project began in 1869 under the direction of John A. Roebling, a German-American engineer. Unfortunately, tragedy struck when Roebling died shortly after construction started due to an injury sustained while constructing one of the bridge's foundations. However, the legacy was carried on by his son, Washington Roebling, who took over the work and completed the monumental project.

On that memorable day, May 24, 1883, the Brooklyn Bridge was officially opened, ushering in a new era in the city's history. Thousands of people went close to the bridge to see this engineering marvel. It was a great festival, a testament to human ingenuity and progress.

Over the years, the Brooklyn Bridge has undergone numerous renovations and expansions to ensure its safety and functionality. Today it is a testament to the city's rich history and culture.

The Brooklyn Bridge has become a popular tourist destination, attracting millions of visitors yearly. It is not only a bridge but also a symbol of adventure and discovery.

Architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge

The architecture of the Brooklyn Bridge is breathtaking and unique: two majestic gray granite spiers rise on the banks of the mighty East River.

One stands proud in bustling Manhattan, and the other graces vibrant Brooklyn. Both towers reach a dizzying height of around 84 meters and have a distinctive square shape with charming little turrets at each corner. They bear the weight of the iconic suspension cables that form the backbone of this majestic bridge and are held up by an intricate web of cables.

The suspension cables are the heart of the Brooklyn Bridge. These consist of thousands of individual wires that have been painstakingly assembled into a structure of incomparable strength and beauty. Kudos to the genius mind of John Roebling, who developed this groundbreaking technology that efficiently distributes the bridge's weight to the towers and minimizes stress on the foundations.

The towers have impressive Gothic windows and lovely turrets reminiscent of medieval castles. They are adorned with an elegant railing decorated with lanterns and ornate ornaments.

Strolling across the bridge, you can discover many decorative elements, such as the charming lanterns illuminating the path at night and a series of intriguing bronze sculptures representing the bridge's rich history and importance.

Visiting Brooklyn Bridge

As you step onto the Brooklyn Bridge, you'll be mesmerized by its soaring granite spiers and elegant steel cables. The stunning skyline and panoramic city views will leave you speechless. With the sparkling waters of the East River below you and the iconic New York City skyline in the background, it's like walking through a postcard come alive.

Take your time as you stroll across the bridge, enjoying every step and absorbing the sights and sounds. Snap the perfect photo of the Brooklyn Bridge sign with the name emblazoned in bold letters.

You'll feel like you're floating in mid-air as you take in the breathtaking views of the New York City skyline, the Statue of Liberty in the distance, and the bustling East River below.

When the sun goes down, and the city lights begin to twinkle, the Brooklyn Bridge takes on a whole new magic. The illuminated skyline casts a mesmerizing light that transforms the bridge into a work of art.


Brooklyn Bridge night tour

Walking across

One of the most popular ways to experience the Brooklyn Bridge is to walk along the bridge's pedestrian path. The path starts at Brooklyn Bridge Park and leads over the bridge to Manhattan. This tour offers an impressive view of New York City's skyline, the East River, and the bridge itself.

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Boat tours

A cool way to experience the Brooklyn Bridge is to cruise under it! Numerous tours take you on an exciting adventure.

Let yourself be enchanted by the lively atmosphere on board. Bubbling with enthusiasm and knowledge, the guides will entertain you with captivating stories about the history and importance of the Brooklyn Bridge. You'll learn about the incredible engineering that went into creating this marvel and the challenges overcome during its construction.

As the boat approaches the bridge, you will be amazed by the impressive details of the Gothic architecture. The imposing arches, the interwoven ropes, and the majestic stone pillars will captivate you. Each element of the bridge radiates timeless elegance and testifies to the ingenuity of its builders.

Don't forget to have your camera ready because this boat tour is filled with countless Instagram-worthy moments.

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Guided tours

In addition to the boat tours, there are also guided hikes where you can explore the Brooklyn Bridge on foot. Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours provide a deeper insight into the history and architectural significance of the bridge.

Bicycle tours

You can explore the Brooklyn Bridge by bike! Many bike rental companies in New York City offer various bikes and helmets.

Guided bike tours for all levels of difficulty are also offered. Expert guides accompany you and tell you fascinating stories and historical tidbits about the Brooklyn Bridge and its importance.

Ride safely, obey the designated bike lanes and traffic rules, and don't forget to bring water and snacks to keep you fueled throughout your cycling adventure.

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Night tours

When the sun goes down, and the city lights come on, the Brooklyn Bridge is transformed into a true work of art. The sparkling lights create a magical atmosphere and let the bridge shine in a new light.

A night walk or escorted drive across the Brooklyn Bridge offers a chance to watch the bustle of the city from afar while enjoying its majestic beauty. Crossing the bridge, you'll be mesmerized by the spectacular view of the illuminated New York City skyline.

Imagine admiring the glittering lights of the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and other iconic skyscrapers as you stroll along the East River. It's a breathtaking sight that you will never forget.

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The best places for Brooklyn Bridge pictures

New York's Brooklyn Bridge is a popular motif for photographers and tourists. These are the best places where you can take stunning pictures of the Brooklyn Bridge:

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Brooklyn Bridge FAQ

Want to learn more about the famous Brooklyn Bridge? Then you are lucky! In this FAQ we answer the most frequently asked questions about New York's oldest bridge. Get ready for an exciting adventure!

The Brooklyn Bridge can be accessed by foot or bicycle from Brooklyn or Manhattan. There are access points on Tillary Street in Brooklyn and Centre Street in Manhattan.

Yes, visiting the Brooklyn Bridge is free.

The Brooklyn Bridge has four suspension cables.

The construction of the Brooklyn Bridge was a complex process that faced many challenges. Two workers died during the construction when a part of the scaffolding collapsed. There were also issues with the foundation and the use of unsuitable materials. 

It typically takes about 30-45 minutes to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Yes, there are viewpoints on Brooklyn Bridge from which you can see the skyline of New York City and the East River.

After crossing the Brooklyn Bridge, you can visit Dumbo (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), a historic neighborhood in Brooklyn known for its breathtaking views of the Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Popular attractions in Dumbo include Brooklyn Bridge Park, Jane's Carousel, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and Main Street, with its many boutiques, galleries, and restaurants. Dumbo is also known for its street art.

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