5 reasons why you should study in the USA

Are you thinking about studying abroad? If so, we have the perfect place for you: the USA! Learn why studying in the United States offers maximum fun and the best career opportunities.

#1. The best universities in the world

Elite universities in the USA

According to U.S. News & World Report, 48 of the world's top 100 universities are located in the United States. The top places are held by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Stanford University, as analyzed by the QS World University Rankings.

Other coveted US universities include the famous academies of Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. It is not always easy to gain access to the elite universities in the USA, but the effort is guaranteed to be worth it

#2. Versatile education

Subjects to study in the USA

Thanks to the American academic system, you can get a head start in several fields at once at US universities. Most colleges offer a wide range of complementary general education courses, from writing to music to science. You'll discover passions and talents you never knew you had!

#3. Flexibility in subject choice

Choosing a major when studying in the USA

Students in the USA don't have to decide on a major until the end of their second year of college. Therefore, when studying in America, you have a full two years to explore your academic interests in detail before committing to anything.

#4. A huge amount of practical experience

Internship in the USA

American universities offer internship programs that get you a professional start even before graduating. By working in American companies during your studies, you can easily get access to well-paid jobs all over the world after graduation.

#5. Unique campus life

Studying in the USA

There's a reason why life at American universities is the subject of numerous Hollywood films: there's magic in the air around here, and friendships are made for life!

Are you interested in drama or ancient Greece? No problem - you'll find like-minded people here! Want to build a startup or join the best fraternity on campus? Every path will be open to you!

Tips for studying in the USA

Here are some useful tips to help you achieve your dream of studying in the USA:

  • You can save up to 80 % on tuition fees if you have a Green Card. By entering the US government's annual Green Card Lottery, you have a very good chance of getting a US immigrant visa!
  • A scholarship can help you fulfill your dream of studying abroad if money is tight.
  • Complete an extensive English course before applying to American universities.
  • You will need a student visa to study in the USA if you don’t have a Green Card.

Have you already found the university of your dreams? Then check out the US state and city where you will be studying in the USA! We wish you a great study experience in the States!

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