Travel preparation

You are planning your USA travel and wondering what information you need? In addition to the necessary documents and entry permits, a thorough check for cheap flight tickets and rental cars will be very beneficial.

Entering the USA

Before you head to the airport, you should familiarize yourself with the procedures before, during, and after crossing the United States border. Always have the most important documents at hand and inform yourself about the current entry regulations. You've probably thought of getting your ESTA or US visa, haven't you?

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Since the implementation of ESTA, traveling to the USA has become much easier. You no longer need a visa for your journey to the United States. However, you must meet certain requirements for an ESTA travel authorization.

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Rental car in the USA

If you want to enjoy your vacation in the USA to the fullest, you should get a rental car. As a designated motorist country, the United States will reward you with unforgettable adventures. However, there are major variances in rental vehicles in the USA you should be aware of.

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Credit card for USA travel

On your trip to the USA, you will need a credit card for many everyday things. Booking hotels, making a deposit on a rental car, and even ordinary shopping will be much easier with one. However, there are big differences in travel credit cards for the USA.

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Cheap flights to the USA

There is no way around a thorough price comparison if you want to fly to the USA cheaply. Professional flight search engines save you a lot of work because they access the airlines' websites directly. Learn how to fly to America at the best rates without any hassle.

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Travel health insurance USA

The United States is the perfect place for adventure, but minor accidents can happen quickly. To avoid unpleasant surprises when it comes to the cost of medical treatment on vacation, we recommend that you take out travel health insurance for the USA.

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