Top Cities

The United States, with its incredible variety of city highlights, makes the hearts of city travelers from all over the world beat faster. Follow us across all the US states to the most beautiful cities in America!


Raleigh ist die Hauptstadt des US-Bundesstaates North Carolina und gehört mit ihrer North Carolina State University zur bekannten Research Triangle Region.


Jackson ist die Hauptstadt des US-Bundesstaates Mississippi und liegt am Pearl River. Mit ihren 175.000 Einwohnern ist Jackson die größte Stadt in Mississippi.

San Antonio

Fort Lauderdale


Richmond in Virginia gilt als eine der ältesten Großstädte Amerikas. Heute ist die Hauptstadt vor allem als modernes Wirtschaftszentrum bekannt.

Colorado Springs

Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge im Südosten von Louisiana liegt am Ufer des Mississippi und ist als bedeutende Hafenstadt bekannt. Auch zahlreiche bekannte Colleges und Universitäten liegen hier.

Cities at the East Coast

The 13 founding states of the USA settled on the East Coast. That is why the metropolises on the Atlantic are today characterized by a wealth of cultural and historical highlights, but also by great liveliness.

Lose yourself in electrifying New York City, the "city that never sleeps," where you can visit some of the most iconic landmarks in the USA, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, or Central Park. Also, don't miss the excellent music and cultural scene in Boston, Massachusetts.

Explore the former capital of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, and trace the history of the United States. Afterwards, you can head to Washington D.C., today's headquarters of US politics.

Cities at the West Coast

The West Coast of the USA stretches more than 3,000 km along the Pacific Ocean, where some of the most exciting cities in the USA have developed in the states of California and Washington.

Visit Seattle, the "Emerald City," whose huge harbor is one of the most important commercial hubs in the United States. Get carried away by the laid-back lifestyle of the former hippie stronghold San Francisco and then follow the world-famous Highway 1 to Los Angeles, the home of stars and starlets.

Located near the Mexican border, idyllic San Diego is known for a particularly high quality of life. And some 400 km from the coast, the entertainment capital of the world, glittering Las Vegas with its casinos and shows, rises out of the desert.

Cities in the South

The southern states of the USA will definitely wrap you around their finger with their unique charm. Relax on the dream beaches of Miami and then plunge into the nightlife. Or let yourself be enchanted by jazz sounds and French-inspired colonial architecture in New Orleans, the capital of music.

In the urban jungle of the fast-growing metropolis of Atlanta in Georgia, you're bound to get lost. In Dallas, Texas, you'll find cowboy scenery and great barbecue. Also, don't forget to visit the sun-drenched capital of Phoenix on a trip to the desert state of Arizona.

Cities in the North and Midwest

The Great Lakes region has long been more than just a major industrial center in the United States. In visionary Chicago, Illinois, you can not only follow in the footsteps of master architects but also discover a great art and museum scene.

Minneapolis in Minnesota, on the other hand, is known for its great theater density, and Detroit in Michigan is not only the automobile capital of the USA but also a cultural metropolis that constantly reinvents itself.

Cities in Alaska and Hawaii

Are you always looking for something special? Then, you'll find the long journey to the two "exotic" US states, Hawaii and Alaska, worthwhile! In Honolulu, you can surf at the famous Waikiki Beach or soak up the relaxed vibes of the Hawaiian island paradise.

In Anchorage, the northernmost major city in America, on the other hand, the unique skyline of the surrounding Chugach Mountains will amaze you!

Discover more of America

You have visited all your favorite cities in the USA, and want to have a break from the hustle and bustle? Then go on a tour of your favorite US states, and take some time out in nature discovering the best national parks in the USA!