Movin’, Movin’, Movin’

We have come so far. The buyers of our old house did not try to renegotiate the price following the inspection. Very unusual. We are such lucky bastards. We also didn’t renegotiate the price of our new house after we got the results of that inspection, but we asked the seller to fix a couple of things. He refused. We didn’t care. We wanted the house anyway. The inspection had shown that it was in good shape and we really like it.

And that is the plan: On Thursday the movers will come (hopefully – they already failed to show up to give us a quote on Sunday – we are considering changing the company now) and bring everything out of the house into a truck. Thursday night we will sleep in a hotel. Friday morning will be the closing of our old house. The proceeds of the old house will be wired to the title company of the new house together with the money of our loan. That same day, in the afternoon, will be the closing on the new house. And hopefully, right after that, we can tell the movers to bring the stuff that had stayed overnight in a truck to the new house. They also have to bring everything from the storage room we rented to the new house. Hopefully this all is going to work out like that. You never know. So many things can still happen to make this difficult. But for some reason I am very optimistic. This whole process went so amazingly smoothly and quickly - so quickly that I still can’t believe that we are moving. My sub-consciousness seems to be slower than life right now.

Although most of our stuff is packed in boxes, there are no pictures on the walls, and the closets are almost empty, I still don’t feel as if we are going to leave this cute little house for good. I love this house. It always felt very small, but also very cozy. This is the house I moved into when I came from Germany to live with Andrew. This has been such a good house. I will miss it. And I will miss the backyard. Our new house just has a tiny backyard, and I am starting to wonder if I will regret this move because of that. But we will see.

This is all so exciting!