In 1788 Virginia was the 10th State to ratify the U.S. Constitution. During the Civil War the Northwest districts divided originating the independent State of West Virginia and Richmond became the capital. Nicknamed as “Old Dominion” or “Mother of Presidents” because eight U.S. Presidents were born in the State.

Virginia was between the 18th and the beginning of the 19th century a leading political State, playing an important role in several conflicts throughout American early history. In the 19th century the State lost a bit of its influence because of industrialization and immigration tending to the Northern part of the U.S.

The State of Virginia probably owes its name to Queen Elizabeth I, who was also known as “The Virgin Queen” due to the fact that she was unmarried. The Mount Rogers is the highest mountain with 1,746 m located in the chain of Appalachian Mountains. The Pentagon is among the many federal developments that are located in Virginia.


The Powhatan is the most well known Native American tribe that was settled in Virginia, they belong to the Algonkin tribe and lived close to the coast side. The other native language group were the Siouan to the west, the Iroquians – Nottaway and Meherrin – to the north and south.

In 1607 took place the first attempt to settle a colony - “Jamestown Colony”, it was enforced by the “Virginia Company” and supported by the English.

John Rolfe brought from Trinidad in 1612 the first tobacco plant to Virginia. 1612 became a very important year for the plantation economy, the tobacco plants thrived really well with the help of the natives and a humid climate. 20.000 Pounds of tobacco were exported in 1618, causing a boom in the new world, the European demand for tobacco grew higher. In 1638 the State of Virginia exported 3 Million Pounds. Until nowadays Virginia counts as the most economically successful State, the economy is balanced, including government and military, farming and business.
In 1714 Germans immigrants founded the “Germanna” colony.

Virginia is the birthplace of many Founding Fathers of the U.S.: Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, James Madison, George Mason and George Washington. The “Virginians” played a major role in writing the United States Constitution.

On May 1776 Virginia was declared independent from the British Empire. George Mason wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights in June 1776. Shortly after Patrick Henry was announced Governor of Virginia. On the 14th of July, 1776 Virginia was declared as one of the 13 Colonies of the United States.