USA Travel

Picture of The American Dream 20-year anniversary badge.

Better than traveling in the USA is living there forever! But before you become a Green Card holder, the doors of the USA are open to US-fans vacationing in the USA. Traveling through America on the open road, through mountains and plains is an experience that everyone must have! In 2016, The American Dream celebrated 20 years in business and we would like to share our travel experience with you.

In USA Travel, we would like to share with you the best spots in the USA so that you can decide which US State you want to visit! For each US state, you will find a description of the best beaches, cities and tourist attractions. There is something for everyone in the USA!

Before you fly, you can also check the weather for America’s top cities with us. Before you know it, you may be backpacking through the top US national parks or even searching for your dream house as a Green Card holder!

Der nächste USA-Urlaub kommt bestimmt. Wer noch Anregungen braucht oder auf der Suche nach Tipps ist, sollte hier auf jeden Fall fündig werden. Und wer selbst einen heißen Tipp hat, kann uns diesen gerne mitteilen - sharing is caring!