Missouri – "Show-me State"

The name Missouri means "Country of Big Canoes". This state is located in the mid-west of the United States and accessed the American Union on August 10, 1821. Despite the slavery and its support Missouri fought side by side with the Union during the Civil War.

The state’s capital is Jefferson City and is home to 41,297 inhabitants. Other states worth seeing are for instance Kansas City and Saint Louis, as well as the region of the “Ozarks”. There, you may find picturesque caves and artificial lakes. Very popular is "Mark Twain State Park" in Monroe County. In this park there is a village called “Feruda”. Mark Twain (author of Oliver Twist) was born here. It is also worth visiting “Mark Twain Home and Museum” in Hannibal.

Another way of spending your time could be hiking the “Santa Fe Trail” in the “Arrow Rock State Historic Site” and finding out secrets about the historic settler trail. As Missouri had been a transit country of settlers on their way to the West it was called "Gateway to the West".

Due to Missouri’s geographic location, its political north/south as well as west/east dispute and the fact that it has cities and rural regions, Missouri is often considered as an indicator for the overall political atmosphere of the U.S.A.

Aeronautics, logistics, agriculture and the food industry are the decisive industrial branches of Missouri. Agriculture is focused on the production of beef, beans, pork meat, corn, hay, poultry and eggs. In the southeast of Missouri, around the Mississippi, cotton and rice is cultivated. The state contains a whole lot of resources of limestone, lead and coal. Yet, the tourism industry plays an important role for Missouri, too.

Aside from that, you can also just go fishing, hunting or just take a walk through nature.