USA Gifts

You and your family or friends are huge fans of the USA? And once again you have no idea what to give your loved ones for a birthday gift, Christmas or even an upcoming trip to the USA? Then this is the right place for you!

Funny USA Gifts

With various original gifts you can make your loved ones or even yourself happy. If you are looking for something special and amusing, you will surely find it here.

USA Flag Onesie

If you like to reach that maximum comfortability on your couch or you need an outfit for the next USA party, you should have a closer look at this USA Flag Onesie.

American Beer Pong Set

At the next party, you want to let it crack just like the American College kids? Then bring along an American Beer Pong Set which will guaranty a fun time.

Book "101 American Customs"

Everyone who is planning a trip to the US and wants to avoid embarrassing moments, the book “101 American Customs: Understanding Language and Culture Through Common Practices” can certainly help with its funny insights to the American traditions and habits.

Statue of Liberty Night Light.

Real New York City fans, who would like to admire “Lady Liberty” while they fall asleep, can do so with the 3D Statue of Liberty Night Light.

USA Scratch Off USA Map

All travel lovers will certainly enjoy this Scratch Off USA Map, where they can mark and track the States they have already travelled to one by one.

Gifts for USA Travelers

As the “Land of Dreams”, the USA are worth a trip at any time. There are many things to discover and some to consider as well. There may be some useful ideas for your next trip in the following list.

USA Travel Guide

With the Eyewitness USA Travel Guide, everyone should get some great insider tips to make their US experience as unique and outstanding as possible.

USA Travel Journal

If you want to make sure you can still tell your grandchildren about your awesome travel experiences, they should be best recorded in the USA Travel Journal.

American Flag Notebook

Everyone who just want to make a few notes here and there... They can do so with the American Flag Notebook.

USA Passport Holder

Your own passport can be protected in this trendy USA Passport Holder, which also has a built in RFID blocking and practical card slots.

USA Travel Toiletry Bag

Personal hygiene articles and make-up can be easily put into this Hanging Toiletry Bag. It comes with many zippered and see-through pockets and will organize your travels really well.

Travel Adapter

To ensure your phone and camera are always charged, a Travel Adapter should not be forgotten, as the USA have a different type of socket outlet.

USA Gifts for Women

The last Star Wars movie voucher didn't go down as well as you'd hoped? If you're racking your brain over what your wife might like, we have some great gift ideas for you!

American Flag Loop Scarf

All ladies who are into fashion will surely love this trendy American Flag Loop Scarf, which will be a great accessory to every outfit.

Texas T-shirt

Real Southern girls who have lost their hearts to Texas will like this Texas T-shirt a lot. It comes in different colors to choose from.

USA Wallet

Another great gift to make your wife happy is this Vintage American Flag Wallet with various slots in which money and cards can be stowed easily.

American Flag Handbag

We all know that women never leave the house without their handbag. Check out this fancy American Flag Handbag, which is made of vegan leather.

USA Gifts for Mothers

Mother's Day is an ideal occasion to thank your mom and show her that she's simply the best. If your mother is a big USA fan as well, she should be very happy about the following gifts!

USA Charm Bead

This cute little USA Charm Bead makes a great Mother's Day gift and will look super pretty on every bracelet.

American Flag Duvet Set

Your mom will surely love to sleep in this stylish USA Flag Duvet Cover Set, which is supposed to be super soft for ultimate comfort.

USA Gifts for Men

As they say, men are usually easier to please than women when it comes to presents. Nevertheless, you should bother to find something really unique. We are happy to help you with our special gift ideas.

USAS Swim Trunks

Real male USA fans will surely love these fun Swim Trunks with the American Flag printed on them.

American Flag T-Shirt

In order to make the American styled outfit complete, an American Flag T-shirt can be ordered in his favorite color as well.