Shorts in Winter

I am pretty sure that this happens not only in Maine. But since I have lived here I can only speak for this area. There is something really curious going on in winter in Maine.

Sometimes, winter can be moderate in Maine. But usually it is quite cold and snowy here. And this winter we had really cold stretches of -24°F (-31°C). I always made fun of the Mainers because as soon as temperatures rise above thirty or gets even close to the forties, you can bet that you will see people in shorts and flip-flops walking down the streets. Even when it is way below freezing I have seen women wearing miniskirts and sandals without  pantyhose. I never understood how these people are doing this. I was constantly freezing, even in summer. How was it possible that all these other people weren’t cold?

But here comes the surprise: after weeks of severe cold weather, we started to get some “warmer” days. We had days with temperatures of 30°F (-1°C), and it suddenly felt like spring to me. I chose skirts and a light jacket, and it felt to me as if summer was close. No, I did not wear flip-flops. That would never be my style. But I surely didn’t need my mittens, scarfs, and hats anymore. And that is truly a miracle – at least for me. Temperatures that were almost unbearable for me in Germany seem to feel rather pleasant nowadays. Isn’t that strange?

But isn’t it great that I am getting used to the cold? Apparently you don’t have to be a Mainer to feel hot when temperatures reach the thirties.