Presidents of the USA

A list of American Presidents

  • james-buchanan-president.jpg

    James Buchanan

    In office: 1857-1861

    *James Buchanan (1791-1868)* James Buchanan was born on Pennsylvania as son of Irish immigrants. Buchanan, just like Pierce, started off with...

  • franklin-pierce-president.jpg

    Franklin Pierce

    In office: 1853-1857

    *Franklin Pierce (1804-1869)* Franklin Pierce, born as a governor’s son in the state of New Hampshire, studied law at the University...

  • millard fillmore

    Millard Fillmore

    In office: 1850-1853

    *Millard Fillmore (1800-1874)* Millard Fillmore was not elected as President but filled the position of former President Zachary Taylor after his...

  • Zachary Taylor

    Zachary Taylor

    In office: 1849-1850

    *Zachary Taylor (1784-1850)* Zachary Taylor was born in 1784 in the state of Virginia and grew up on his parent’s farm....

  • James K. Polk

    James K. Polk

    In office: 1845-1849

    *James K. Polk (1795-1849)* James Know Polk was born in North Caroline in 1795. Influenced by his very liberal father and...

  • John Tyler

    John Tyler

    In office: 1841-1845

    *John Tyler (1790-1862)* John Tyler was born as the seventh of eight children of a rich cotton industrial family. With 17...

  • William Henry Harrison

    William Henry Harrison

    In office: 1841-1841

    *William Henry Harrison (1773-1841)* William Henry Harrison was born in 1773 as the son of a politically active family. His father,...

  • Martin van Buren

    Martin van Buren

    In office: 1837-1841

    *Martin Van Buren (1782-1862)* Martin Van Buren, born in New York State as the son of Dutch immigrants, started his political...

  • AndrewJacksonWebsite.jpg

    Andrew Jackson

    In office: 1829-1837

    *Andrew Jackson (1767-1845)* Andrew Jackson, known for his independent attacks on the Spanish in Florida and the violence and displacement directed...

  • john quincy adams

    John Quincy Adams

    In office: 1825-1829

    *John Quincy Adams (1767-1848)* John Quincy Adams, son of the second president John Adams, was the sixth president of the United...

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